CIPMM seeks to advance and promote professionalism and effectiveness in the fields of procurement and materiel management within the federal public service, to advocate for recognition and engage capacity building for these communities, and to serve as a forum for information and best practices.

Commerce Decisions is delighted to be attending the CIPMM workshop - please come to our workshop session on June 6, 1:00 pm - 1:30 pm in the LEARN lounge where we will be showcasing our AWARD evaluation solution and demonstrating how to ensure the best outcome on your strategic procurements.

Stop by to see us at Booth #29

For more information, visit the CIPMM website here.

Our London seminar on 14th June 2017 is an opportunity for bidders to learn more about how our thought leadership is helping the public sector to think differently about how they assess and choose winning bidders. 

  • Learn more about the pitfalls of current value for money approaches and why buying organisations are looking at different methods. 

  • Learn how Commerce Decisions' Structured Criteria Development (SCD) and Relative Value for Money (RVfM) are delivering better outcomes.

  • Understand what you should know about these new approaches and what the implications are for your bid response.

We will highlight how, by understanding these new approaches, we can improve your chances of winning your next bid.

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The common techniques for determining value for money have pitfalls that may result in failure to buy the best solution. Born out of 15 years’ experience in evaluation, Commerce Decisions has developed an alternative methodology to ensure value for money is achieved. Called “Relative Value for Money (RVfM)”, our methodology takes a very different approach to traditional methods.

The AWARD® RVfM provides a robust and transparent supplier selection mechanism, ensuring that a project team’s scoring methodology has the desired/expected effect. The RVfM process delivers:

  • A robust and efficient method for buyers to define what they mean by value for money.
  • Techniques for undertaking sensitivity analysis.
  • A robust way of ranking each and every bid.
  • A transparent mechanism for the scoring of bids.
  • The ability for each bidder to optimise their bid in order to deliver the best value for money solution possible.

This webinar will discuss some of the most significant flaws with the ‘Most Economically Advantageous Tender (MEAT)’ procurement process to demonstrate the great risk you take with every procurement you run before introducing our unique RVfM methodology.

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As the procurement and supply profession is ever evolving, it is critical for procurement leaders and their teams to stay up to speed with the latest strategies and techniques. The Australasia region offers many opportunities for procurement professionals to demonstrate leadership and re-invent themselves through driving better value, collaboration and innovation. 

At the same time, delivering an efficient procurement function is not without challenges. There is a deep need in the region to reassess and reshape how procurement is done at the very heart of business.

The CIPS Australasia Conference 2017 will give delegates the opportunity to explore the changing procurement and supply landscape – whilst providing insights, training, lively debates, and experience-sharing on the current procurement challenges such as integration, alignment and risk-management.

To register your interest sign up via the website here.

DI’17 will examine some of the ‘people, process and technology’ issues critical to Team Defence being able to adopt, embed and exploit new (and often disruptive) Information and Communications Technology (ICT) capabilities and associated new ways of working - to productive effect. 

The two days include keynote presentations, panels where the audience question and contribute to the debate, choices of workshops which delve into ‘Delivery’ using case studies and experiences from recent projects, a Good Practice Market Place where defence teams share their experiences on innovative and collaborative Team Defence projects, trade stands where suppliers demonstrate innovative applications and opportunities for networking with peers both from MOD and Industry. 

For more information, visit the DI'17 website here

DPRTE 2017 is the UK’s leading defence procurement event, designed to allow delegates to fully immerse themselves in a day of learning, networking and collaboration.

Supported by DE&S and other leading MOD organisations and trade associations, DPRTE 2017 gives buyers and suppliers a unique opportunity to enhance knowledge, share best practice and showcase innovation, in addition to gaining an insight into the latest policies and initiatives currently impacting the defence procurement marketplace.


Speaker - Richard Tottman, Principal Consultant (MOD)

Get the Best Possible Outcome by Maximising Value for Money

Buyer Excellence Training Zone: 11:45 - 12:15

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Now in its third year, the GovProcure conference has established itself as the place that procurement managers from all levels of government come to meet, engage and build the skills that they need to continue to deliver efficient, effective, ethical and economical goods and services.

Procurement in the public sector is undergoing a transformation in which it is evolving from a back office function to a strategic capability. This is being driven by innovative procurement strategies, improved systems and processes and the uptake of cutting edge technology.

For procurement managers this means a constant need stay up to date on the latest strategies, technology and opportunities for improvement. Attending the GovProcure conference is your opportunity to do just that with, access to some of the brightest minds and most innovative case studies in public sector procurement today.


Speakers - Gavin Shepheard, Sales Director and John Crickmore, Managing Consultant

To get the right answer you need to ask the right questions - applying lessons learned from international project 

Session starting at 15:15

For more info click here.

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