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Structured Criteria Development

Identifying correct evaluation criteria cannot be understated - accurate criteria, with clearly understood confidence scoring, underpins the procurement process and enables the identification of the best solution.

Introducing SCD

NHS Procurements

"The facility to list all evaluators' scores and narrative at the moderation stage enables 'remote moderation' via email or phone, rather than spending hours in meetings. This software is a major advance in efficiency in tender evaluations."

Head of Quality Management NHS North East Essex

Case studies

Home Office General Property Project

"Using AWARD in addition to our e sourcing tool gave us a greater range of functionality in terms of document management, ease of evaluation process and the creation of progress reports and supplier de-briefing material."

Troy Martin, Commercial Manager Home Office General Property

Case Studies

Learning legacy

"The procurement of over five billion pounds of contracts, involving over 470 projects and more than 4,600 suppliers, evaluated to time and cost without delay or challenge, has demonstrated the benefits of a robust procurement process effectively supported by off-the-shelf market-leading tool e-Evaluation."

Ian Thompson & Gavin Shepheard, Central Government Account Directors

Case studies

MOD vehicle contract

"AWARD brought clarity and transparency to a complex and time-challenged programme. Without AWARD, we would not have met the contract award deadline. AWARD gave me minute by minute progress and allowed me to allocate resource where it was needed most."

Steve O'Leary, Programme Manager, Civilian Platforms, Service Provision Project Team, DE&S

Case Studies
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Who We Are

Commerce Decisions delivers proven software, best practice knowledge and expert services to assist in strategic, complex, or high risk sourcing projects.

This includes preparation qualification, evaluation, negotiation to continuous supplier performance review and contract compliance.

About us

What We Do

The AWARD solution supports strategic business applications from procurement and supplier review to bid preparation and strategic reviews.

AWARD software provides a central web-based information and process and infrastructure enabling project teams to collaboratively make major contract decisions and monitor subsequent performance.

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I have to say that I am not normally one for getting excited very easily, but with our 2014 User Group only a couple of weeks away, I find I am! We have been operating from our new office in Oxfordshire’s Milton Park for the last 5 months, and it is now fully operational and … more »

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